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The Adam G Salhaney Foundation was created to honor the legacy of Adam Salhaney and to provide a way to support educational youth travel initiatives.  We do this by providing educational scholarships to high school students to travel abroad.

Adam Salhaney was born to experience life, explore the world and share it with so many others.  His first travel adventures were with his family to the small towns of Mexico where they were the only non-locals. He went from there to the cities of L.A. and New York with all the lights and excitement a young boy could absorb.  In his sophomore year of high school, Adam traveled with his school to Italy. It was then that he left a big part of his heart and soul, only to return again as an experienced traveler.


Adam treated every day as a chance to find a new road never traveled, and to make sure he left his mark.  He got a job as a tour guide in Florence, Italy, which gave him the opportunity to travel to over a dozen countries and make hundreds of new friends.  His travels expanded from the pyramids of Egypt to the to the red carpet at the Academy Awards.  When Adam met someone new, they became his friend and got to experience their once-in-a-lifetime adventure, the Adam Salhaney way.


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